Sean Simpson

London Blue Badge Tour Guide

"Sean - you are the best. Your charm, wit and knowledge were truly enchanting - you certainly know how to entertain the guests! If ever we require a blue badge guide - we will always ask for you."

Karen Chadwick

Customer Events Officer, Rolls-Royce plc



“Sean is always fantastic, regardless of the location.  His energy and sense of humour ensure that the students have a great experience.  His anecdotes and observations never fail to enhance a typical tour.”

Sarah Plumley,Program Coordinator

American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS)


"I've been leading tours to UK for more than a decade and I have never encountered a Tourist Guide more effective than Sean.

He is simply, for lack of a better word, amazing. His infusion of humour, wit and enthusiasm into historical information will make even the most indifferent visitor sit up and listen, or at least raise an intrigued eyebrow.

No Blue Badge Guide I have met in UK comes even a close second to Sean Simpson, Guide Extraordinaire - you can't help but feel happy at the end of his tours"

Angela Cheong, Tour Manager

Safe2Travel, Singapore


“As a student-group leader, I have been on London tours four times previously, so I didn't expect to learn much new that would pique my own interests; however, Sean Simpson amazed me with his very enjoyable banter that engaged the college undergraduates and gave me some new insights into places I thought I already knew.  A wonderful tour host for his insights into London, past and present.”

Gary Luke, Professor of English Literature

Saddleback College, California

Some recent testimonials:


"Sean! We were delighted and transfixed with your glorious guiding! I will absolutely call on you again, and will recommend you to others."

Ana Balka

Assistant to the Performing Arts Dept

The American School in London



“Sean is a class of his own. Every site or attraction that we go to, Sean breathes life into them and makes these places so memorable with his humour and style.  There is never a dull moment with him - he makes horrendous traffic a breeze.”

Mildred Chan,Tour Manager

Fortune Travel, Singapore




 “Sean Simpson gives a thoroughly entertaining and enriching tour of London! At the Centers for Academic Programs Abroad he is a favourite with the students and faculty alike due to his vast knowledge of London, his fast-paced comic delivery and his charming Scottish manner. He gets to know the group as individuals so he can tailor the tour exactly to their requests and needs.  For example, students doing internships in the City get specialist information about the commuter life and the business world, whereas students on purely academic programs receive further information about which museums and galleries might benefit their coursework. I am always impressed by Sean’s keen interest in ensuring students benefit as much as possible from his tours.

Sean is the perfect guide for students as he combines fun titbits about the glamour of the city alongside more serious historical matter. I have been on three of Sean’s London bus tours with CAPA students and each time the students came away enthusiastic and energised to explore further on their own. The faculty visitors have also always been very impressed by Sean’s ability to answer a variety of questions and his love of his subject. He highlights a clear timeline of British history, elaborating on specific defining moments in England, Scotland and Wales that were key in forming the UK that we know today.  His engaging and interactive tours are always enjoyable and a highlight of the students’ three months in London. I thoroughly recommend Sean Simpson as a London tour guide!”

Dr. Joanna Shearer, International Program Services Coordinator,

CAPA International Education

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